Decentralized Storage Alliances

Now in the words of 1984 Author George Orwell quote he who controls the past controls the future.

This understanding lies at the core of cryptocurrency projects in the decentralized storage Niche.

This is why they all seek to make data storage accessible unbiased and permanent for everyone.

It seems that some people in high places are finally starting to understand just how valuable this proposition is, this is because Meta recently announced that it had partnered with our weave to store the data associated with NFTs on Instagram.

The crypto project is hyper focused on making it possible to store information in a decentralized and censorship resistant way forever.

This sounds impossible but the novel architecture and incentives of our weave make it theoretically achievable.

I held our weave’s AR coin as part of my portfolio for quite some time.

I sold out of AR however after hearing that Solana had stopped using it to store, its long-term transaction history.

It’s safe to say that decision was a bit premature then again we’re still very much in a crypto bear Market, this means it’s possible if not likely that AR will lose the ground it’s gained over the last week.

I suppose that ultimately depends on how much demand is created for our weave storage by Instagram.

Note that you can track this on live peers web 3 index now, our weave’s announcement wasn’t the only one in the decentralized storage sector.

Filecoin also announced the formation of the decentralized storage alliance with computer giant AMD.

Storage giant Seagate and big4 accounting firm Ernst young or EY as it’s rebranded to as founding partners.

The aim of the alliance is to help web2 companies transition to web3 but it looks like Meta has already found its match.

Luckily there’s no shortage of territory for Filecoin to take and with such prolific founding Partners it will probably find its Niche sooner rather than later.

For context while our weave wants to store information indefinitely Filecoin’s focus is on storing information for a fixed amount of time on its interplanetary file system or IPFS.

In practice this means paying an expensive one-time fee for permanent storage versus paying as you go for as long as you want.

The announcements by our weave and Filecoin caused all other decentralized storage crypto projects to Rally including storage Seer and a cash Network although all their rallies were speculative.

There’s a bullish case to be made for so-called infrastructure cryptocurrencies during the next Bull Run.

This includes decentralized storage cryptocurrencies smart contract , cryptocurrencies and data Oracle cryptocurrencies.

Basically any crypto project that’s required for things like defy and nfts to work will take center stage and chances are the pi will be big enough for each one to have its own Unique Piece.

Author: bitcoin_man